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My name is Sophie, alias So’ Akuna. I am an artist and freelance illustrator based in the French Alps. My pseudonym is a tribute to the Australian indigenous’ wisdom and to the country where my children were born. Akuna means “flowing water” and “the way forward”. To me, this word describes very well the philosophy of life which I cherish the most. To me, “living in the flow” means embracing the present moment, wisely accepting what cannot be changed, while still being open to new opportunities and to the possibility of shifts and miracles. I am often told that my illustrations and creations convey that sense of peace and comfort. Well, I feel very grateful about this as it is my humble contribution to a more gentle world.

How can I help you ?

You are after an illustrator who can bring a sense of light, joy and peace to your projects ?
Press, edition, advertising, packaging, social media, special occasions etc...